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We develop plugins for Xojo (formally REAL Studio, REALbasic) and provide these plugins in rbx and xojo_plugin flavors. The xojo_plugin flavor only runs in Xojo, whereas the rbx flavor can run in Xojo, as well as in REAL Studio. “LexingControl Plugin” is a text editor that is able to colorize text according to the rules of programming syntax, such as C/C++, RBScript, PHP, SQL, HTML, and so on. Version 3.5 supports the Windows (7 and up) and Mac OSX (10.7 and up) platforms.  Note that this Editor is not a replacement for WordGuise. The lexing plugin does not do justification, nor does it provide style runs, or embedding of pictures. It is just a different beast. This plugin also comes with a sample project “XojoScriptEditor”, with syntax coloring, compiler errors within the script source.

ScriptThreadSafeGUIGlue plugin is a utility plugin that provides 2 processors, one is for scripting, the other is for making gui elements thread safe.

WordGuise is a text-formatting editor, can parse and read rtf files, displays images in text, while these images can be tagged too. The targets for Windows and Carbon support a ruler widget, which is not available for the cocoa target.

Another plugin is the “Script Plugin”. This plugin extends RB scripting, which will allow accessing objects beyond the RB script context.

P2PNetwork provides a robust network for peer-to-peer communication across the internet.

New Releases:

December 6, 2015:

                  Lexing Control 3.5.5

Syntax coloring text editor

Mac, Windows, 32- and 64-bit

June 5, 2013:   

  ScriptThreadSafeGUIGlue 2.0  (formally: Script plugin)

Cocoa, Carbon, Windows

March 7, 2013:  

                  Wordguise 5.5.3

Formatting Editor

Cocoa, Carbon, Windows

September 30, 2012:   

                  P2PNetwork 1.0.2

Peer-to-peer networking

Cocoa, Carbon, Windows